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How To Start Hiring

Find The Talent That Suits You The Best

Get anything done by our platform, exactly how you want it and turn that spark of idea into reality. You can choose any services or talents from our platform based on your needs, they will provide you with the best service. 

  • I am looking for a service how do I get started?

    Sign Up For Yourself

    We make it extremely simple to get started, do register an account at our platform https://valuetion.com/authentication


    Do make sure that you register under "Employer" in order to enjoy our services. Once the step is done you can now view for any services you're looking for.


    No services that matches your needs? Simply go to your dashboard and "Post a Job", you can request any kind of services or drop us an email at hello@valuetion.com and we are happy to help out.

  • I got a special skill or talent

    Gotcha! We needs you!

    We believe that everyone born with certain talents, and throughout the journey you've equipped with unique skills and professions, if you think you could create values to our community, please sign up as our "Freelancer"


    You can showcase your talents & skills meanwhile earn an extra income! Start registering now and wait no more https://valuetion.com/authentication

  • Find any services and talents here

    Post A Job Function

    Once you've registered an employer account, you can now find any services or talents on our platform.


    Can't find the services you are looking at? Simply go to your dashboard and "Post a Job", you can request any kind of services and we will sort it out for you through our database.


    Once we got it we will contact you straight away! Easy and hassle free.


Making Serious Profit

Manage Your Profitable Account

This is a platform and ecosystem that everyone of us share our resources and focus at our own strength. We do not treat you as a freelancer, hobbyist or talent, we treat every single one of you as our team members, we build an ecosystem of value creation together. 

  • How can I make a profit through Valuetion?

    Value Creation

    One thing we believe the most, "Value Creation". The more values you create, the more you gain. We drive tons of traffic for you, and you just have to focus on your strength and make the best task as you've promised.


    Trust us, the rule is simple, do a pretty decent task, we will do the rest for you. 

  • What kind of services or skills can I provide?

    Find Your Strength

    You can create values by providing any kind of services or skills. For example if you're good in multiple language, you can provide translation services. If you're an organize person, you can provide task planning services too. 


    The possibilities are endless, ask yourself what you know and what others don't.  

  • Can I make a living here?

    120% YES!

    This is not just a platform, but an ecosystem of value creation. You don't just sell services or skills here, our mission is to build real business and entrepreneur, we will provide incubation program, training or even funding to our talents here.


    Make sure you stick with us, we can make a huge different and impact of your life.


Getting Into Business

Focus on Your Work & Team

Finding talent is always the biggest problem for employers or even corporations. We are here to help, our platform aims to connect a million talents onboard and to create values through their skills and professions. 

  • How can Valuetion helps?

    Talents, Talents & Talents

    Finding talents are crucial, it consumes so much time and as a business owner we should focus on the business, why not hire talents with ready skills and professions? 


    Time is the most valuable thing in life and business. You got tons of ready talents who are ready to serve you. Why spend time to hire, train and manage when you don't have to do so? 


    Start hiring now at Valuetion.

  • Can I pick any of the talents or services?

    Yes! All By Your Own Mean

    Pick those who you think that suits your business the best, go through their profile, experiences, reviews or even past projects. 


    Connecting with them too if you're still afraid of! Give them a chance, trust their skills and abilities! That's the best you can provide to them. 

  • Why outsources talent?

    Time & Resources

    You save tons of time and save tons of cost especially during this pandemic, many uncertainties could happen, as a business owner or corporation we need to minimise our risk and maximise our productivity. 


    Outsourcing is the best way for cost control and huge range of talents can be found at our platform. 

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