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[Non-Sdn Bhd] Monthly Accounting Service / 外包会计服务

Our monthly accounting service includes
1. Collecting information from your end (Prefer documents in softcopy)
2. Updating your Company’s accounts
3. Reviewing business expenses
4. Computation of estimated tax payable
5. Compiling issues for discussion purpose (if any)

The documents you will received are:
i. Income Statement (monthly and annually)
ii. Balance Sheet
iii. Asset listing (if any)
iv. Stock listing (if any)
v. General Ledger (after 12 months of service)


1. 领取公司相关文件 (建议使用 PDF / Softcopy)
2. 更新公司账目
3. 分析公司的消费是否合法开销
4. 计算和预测该给的税
5. 讨论一切不明/疑点 (若有)

i. Income Statement (月/年)
ii. Balance Sheet
iii. Asset listing (如有)
iv. Stock listing (如有)
v. General Ledger (满12个月)

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